• No longer in my vocabulary does 'social media' exist. I've been clean from it since Winter 2023. It serves no purpose anymore. All work of mine that (for now) exists only digitally will live here (some more on YouTube and my 'professional' portfolio site).

    Content will come and go as I please. The majority posted here will be my photography. This site will facilitate the need for what social media did for me ~ to showcase what I'm creating/learning/thinking/listening to.

    Shooting without much direction. Is purpose needed? Why not let the observations carry me.

    How can I know when I'm ready to create a photo book? When should I stop shooting? This is my current issue. I have close to 2k shots over the past year. The ultimate challenge is now to create something out of it.

    "Take change: say something memorable on your own account; bring forth something from your own store" - Senecca

    frequencies and more. portfolio.
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